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Monday, December 15, 2008

Money talks

Duit duit...Di mana kau duit?? Bulan ni gaji keluar awal sebab Krismas, plus bonus lagi u! Senarai dalam kepala dah berjela..Tunggu gaji saja. How does it feels to be a billionaire...??Hmmm, nak jugak try if given the chance. Kawan I kata lah, kaya raya pun mati, papa kedana pun mati jugak...lagi baik kaya raya kann? Sekurang kurang nya tak la mati katak.
So, if I were to be a billionaire what next? First of all, I'll buy a new mansion by the hill sides. Ops!Hellooo...Not there please, I don't want to be buried in landslides.
Perhaps I will buy a boat and go sailing..Enjoy the breeze n the majestic sea.Wait, what about the pills...I'm sea sick for goodness sake. I'll spend a fortune on the sea sickness pills and by the end of the day I'll be too weak to enjoy the blue sea. No, a mistake again. I 'll cancel this out of my list.
May be I will go to the best plastic surgeon in town and do some nips and tucks..But what for, I don't need to look like a model anymore. I am way too old for that. Remember what happened to that minister's wife...I'm not that stupid.
Why not I just have a grand feast and enjoy the best foods I can get hold of. Be merry and live like a queen. Be pampered and surrounded by friends and people who cares...At that point,I think no body care any longer about me ..They are more concern about my wealth. About how long am I going to be breathing oxygen? Who is going to inherit my belongings is an issue here..there's nothing to do with love...Money talks!!
So dear people, better stop having silly ideas about being a billionaire..its just not worth it. Happiness is what matters most. True, money can buy you everything but you don't need everything to be happy...As for me, having someone to love me without condition will make me feel like a billionaire...Money can never buy the pleasant look and sweet smile I get whenever I see u..Your loving heart is priceless!
For God's sake...cepat laa gaji!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ya..gaji 18hb ni, memang dapat baki bonus..tapi tau2 sjalah perbelanjaan di hujung2 tahun ni, banyak perlukan duit..kekayaan dunia bukanlah satu pasport untuk mencapai kebahagian..setju dengan pendapat Nor tu.kekayaan hati,rasa bahagia walaupun miskin, sifat2 syukur dan redha pada Allah swt akan mewujudkan kekayaan jiwa bukan saja di dunia malah di tempat yg kekal abadi di Sana nanti..insyallah..

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