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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


After 2 months of hoping and wishing.
I ran out of positive thoughts.
The best thing to do is to accept the facts that she may not be what she used to be.
Accepting the facts is hard but thats the only choice that I have.
I don't want to go on fooling myself into believing the 'impossible'
Yesterday I thought that it might be today.
If it is not today then it might be tommorrow.
But this is going on too long, too far.
The chances are thinning.
The crual truth is slipping in slowly.
Yes, I do believed that God is capable of everything.
But the logic side of my brain is educating my dreamwave.
The reality is hard to swallow but I do not need to be pampered by false hopes.
Why worry?
She will always be my princess no matter what, no matter how.
I just hope God will make things easier for both of us.
Yes, I am not in my best mood today.
Yes, I am stressed beyond words.
Yes, I need to voice out my stupid thoughts once in a while.
So this is it........Rubbish!


Anonymous said...

Salam Cikgu Hani,

Kak ani hanya dapat mendoakan semoga sesuatu positif berlaku. Semoga Allah makhbulkan doa cikgu sekeluarga. Jangan putus asa.

Nizam.Ariff said...

Ya, itu lebih realistik. Berdoa untuk dipermudahkan segala urusan setelah diberikan dugaan begitu, kan?

Anaasuria said...

kak hani, I've been reading your blog few days already..

my heart goes to you..that's all i can say..

Anonymous said...

sebulan lepas, saya mimpika Ja. Katanya dia dengar semua yang auntie cakap, dia cuba buka mata tapi tak boleh. Dia cakap dia tak sakit dan tanya tentang baby..Saya doakan segalanya dipermudahkan buat auntie sekeluarga..

Pak Man said...

Semoga doa puan termakbul. Itu doa saya.

Anonymous said...

Saman je hospital tu Mummy..

Your normal life, as well as Ja's and everyone's involved have been deprived by this incident which should not have happened at the first place, all because of their side professional negligence.

Find a good personal injury lawyer and start the process soon.

Good luck!

Keadilan untuk Ja!

Anonymous said...


"Yes, I need to voice out my stupid thoughts once in a while"

yes!! what goes in must come out!

let your blog be your outlet so :)


Anonymous said...

accept is redha.
Raja' is hope.
Hope keeps us going.
Sangka baik.
Dont worry it's normal for our spirits to go up and down. Our loved ones will help to lift it up.

Ros said...

kak hani...
you always on my mind...

A.I said...

Akak kene kuatkan lagi semangat. manalah tau kot2 ada keajaiban berlaku. ai tau, ckp mmg le senang. tak sama dgn akak yg mengalaminya tu. tp apa2 pun ai doakan semoga akak terus kuat & kuat lagi..

hug.. :)

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