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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Blood is thicker than water.

My uncle.
Known by the name 'Tok Anjang'.
He knows me well.
Knows my flaws but still accept me as I am.
At 75, he is a fragile old man with all sorts of medical complications.
Yesterday he was here after such a long time away.
We had a nice time, making the best of the precious time.
                         And this is my cousin.
Someone I grew up sharing childhood days together
How time flies.
We are now in wrinkles and greys but when we meet, like always the naughty little kid inside us emerged.
What a day to remember.
Happy to see him, so happy!
Can you guest who was the happiest 'girl' yesterday?
My mom.She was smiling all day and enjoying the presence of everyone around her .
After not seing her brother for quite sometime, yesterday she was having the time of her life.Happy to see her happy.

Deep inside sadness creeps in.
God knows whether we will meet again or not.
Life is short. Much shorter when you know that your love ones are already the ' warga emas'.
Even worst when I myself is a ' warga emas' also.
Never mind, make the best of today before tomorrow. Let God decide since God is the best planner. Allah hu Akhbar.

Footnote: I wrote this entry with tears. I dont care about the spelling mistakes or what ever. I dont want to check or recheck ..this is what comes to my mind now n I just wanted it to be it.

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