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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A bundle of joy

Rakyat baru dalam negeri ku
Rakyat termuda
Baru 6 jam
Welcome to the family dear grandson.
Soon you will get to know us
I am your grandmummy.
Your cousins see me as a monster with firely head.
Soon you will have an equal share of my daily tazkirah.
Your anuties n uncles see me as a hard to please mum.
But I am sure you will disagree with them coz u can please me in everyway possible.
Look at you.
With your eyes shut u already melts my heart.
That small nose
That sagging cheeks.
I love you cucu.
Dont grow up too fast.
Be a baby with the baby smell and the baby smile.
Luv it luv it luv it

1 comment:

Kak Rose said...

Tahniah grandmummy, Alhamdulillah berakhir sudah penantian...

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