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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Tak tanya rasa nak tanya.

Lawak sungguh budak2 ni.
Padan muka grandmommy la kan.
Ceritanya begini.....

Hari tu hari jadi saya.
Alisya: "Happy birthday grandmommy."
Arman: "Happy birthday grandmommy."
Since they wished me that, I asked them jokingly..
"Alisya and arman, how old do you think I am?"
Alisya jawap cepat, direct, jujur dan ikhlas.
Really Alisya?
(Grandmommy rasa nak tiok doh ni..uhuhu!)
Arman pulak menambah..
" I think you are 70..no, no..80 "
Come on you little humans, spare me some mercy will you?
Tiba2 rasa macam nenek kebayan bongkok 3 la pulak.
Never mind, people say truth bites.
But this makes me laugh out hard.
The joke is on me.
Thank you cucus for that piece of mind.
Kena kaba etek grandmommy wei, tua purba doh tu.

I told them when I was at their age I did not have a computer, I just played with the cats.
Alisha looked at me. Curious look.
I knew what was in that little head of hers
So Alisya darling, were you going to ask me if there were dinosours around at that time?
Did I play with the dinosours?
Well, dear cucu, I am not that old ok?
Haishhh..kena buli ko cucu nih, helloo pulisss!
Kids sure says the darnest thing, dont they?
I smiled at myself remembering the times I spent with them.
Precious moments.
Missing them already.

 By the way...Do I really look that old? Huh? Anybody? Just wondering......hehe.

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Cik Idaa said...

kalau tak mention grandmommy tu mesti dah anggap macam mak mak bebudak tu dah hehe

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