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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Is there by any chance, my life will change for the better?
Is there?
Whats the probability?
1,000,000,000,00 -1?
At my age, that is so pathetic..
I afraid that I have to get ready for the worst which is more likely to happen
if worse comes to worst, I just hope that I won't live long.
No, I am not asking for it,
but being me and my ill luck,
there are possibilities...
Is this the price that I have to pay for the sins that I made?
looking back at the wrong choices that I made in life,
all I have now are regrets..Full of regrets.
Sick of regrets.
No, I do not know why am I posting this silly N3.
Yes, one thing for sure right now I just feel like rubbish.
Rubbish, thats what I am.
Whats the probability of me being treated like rubbish?
Thats it.

Sorry Uols, just to let go of this negative feelings inside.Hope to feel better afterwards.

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