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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The way we were

I wish we can do what we usually did together.
We used to share secrets.
Gossiping about almost everybody alive
You told me about that fella.and this fella.
How he/she mistreated you or how you envied him/her
You complained about your work
You shared that stupid joke you picked up somewhere.
You laughed out loud, you bla bla bla even when I am not listening
You liked all the things that I gave you,
although it did not look good on you.
You liked my things too and my things were always your things..
Seeing you in my shoes  or holding my handbag, I got my answers
We are alike..being stubborn just like me.
You grumbled when there was a heart break or two.
You cried when once in a while reality bites.
Following my back here and there and asking me what should you do.
Sometimes you never grow up,
calling me in the middle of the night just to tell me that you were having a stomace ache,
and asking me why and.what to do.
Why? How should I know, you are the doctor,
I am just a teacher, remember ?
At other times you were wiser than me.
When I told you my troubles.
You listened.
Just listened without interupting.
When I cried,
you told me that no matter how others treated me,
you will always love me and I am the best mum in the world..
I smiled, wiping the tears and thanked God
for this daughter, for this blessing.
You promised that you will always be there for me,
never leaving me alone.
Always trying to put a smile on my face
Ja, Let us do the things that we used to do together.
Let us smile at each other
and Ja,
Remember  when I said ...
" Ja, in future you will look like me, but much happier than me Insyaa Allah"
and you replied..
"I want to look like you and we will both be happy Insyaa allah.."
Ja right now I am far from happy but
all I want is for you to be happy, no matter in what state you r in.
God please, let her keep all the happy moments and let her remember nothing but happiness...
I am here by your bed looking at you.
and feeling so lonely and missing you so much.

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